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“An outstanding concert last evening!A brilliant exceptionally talanted Pianist.
Thank you, Alex. A highlight of our cruise!”passengers
“Great entertainer. Fantastic show in the lounge!”Lynette Dombroski, passenger
“Hi quality music is one of the important reasons I sail this company. They should be proud to have such gifted people on board. Mr. Kowalski adds to the cruise experience.”Jim B Green, passenger
“Alex – is a marvelous entertainer. When is he going to be again?…”Regina de Loelder, Elite Passenger
“Piano recital – fantastic! Even more please!
Highly talented, wonderful opportunity to hear such a high standard of playing.”Gail Moule, passenger
“Trully fine entertainment and most enjoyable. Thank you!”Helen & Zenon Ivanonko, passengers
“I will always remember where I first heard him, and I intend to hear him again and again.
When I play his CD I will remember cruising!”Bradly Bunvant, passenger
“Amazing! Would like to hear him every night!!!”Mr. and Mrs. Dlugoss, passengers
“So talented! We enjoyed his concert very much!
Loved the way he handled an interruption when the Captain anounced our departure.
Please, have more of this type of entertainment!”Margaret and Kenneth Kusel, passengers
“Alex Kowalski’s performance is riverting and remarkable display of his skills as a concert pianist.”Margaret and Kenneth Kusel, passengers
“We tried to make it to all his shows – absolutely enjoyed them all!”William McKinney, passenger
“We travelled with a family group of 14 and they all accepted our invitation to attend Alex’s shows – expressing much pleasure…The best ever. I could have happily listened him for hours.”Janice Young Parker, passenger
“This young man has exceptional talent. Besides being an elite pianist, he is a great entertainer. Everything about this performance was gifted including the orchestra and light tech.”Mary Low Provost, passenger
“Alex made our cruise very special.”Ralph and Joyce Dugiz, passengers
“Keys on Fire is great performance, well done.”Zhong Fei Helen, passengers
“So impressed with performances and connection with the audience.”Bernie Collins, passenger
“He gave us a great deal of pleasure. He brought wonderful music to demonstrate the universal appeal of music. He was gracious.”Carol Gray, passenger
“Alex reminds us of a modern day Victor Borge. He combines the virtuosic talent of a pianist with the entertainment valve of a comedian flawlessly. I think, that is hard to find a musician so talented as Alex. That sets him apart from others.”Andrew and Philip Rohres, passengers
“Very inspirational and entertaining. Beautiful music! Good clean performance!!! Highlight of my cruise.”Victor Harrisan, passenger
“We enjoyed Alex’s music. Very entertaining and refreshing.”
Roger +Paula Davis, passengers
“Last year we attended a piano concert in Vienna and we must say that Alex is better than some of piano players that we heard in Vienna. Not only how he plays, he has a personality. Fantastic! Marvelous! “Ken and Maria Braun, passengers
“Wonderful personality, great with the audience. So glad, we attended the show!”Nance and Gary Cungan, passengers
“Mr. Kowalski is a musical genius, a prodigy and has a wonderful sense of humor.”John Chilers, passenger
“He played both classical from Bach to Liberace. He was incredible piano player entertainer with a good sense of humor.”Kathleen M. Leonard, passenger
“Quite entertaining in his creative renditions of popular pieces; highly effective in connecting with the audience; stage presence is very strong and attractive! I thoroughly enjoy the quality of performance.”Lui Whelchel, passenger
“Alex was not only extremely talented but very entertaining. Best show on the ship. Outstanding!”Juddy Croppes, passenger
“Amazing talent and great performances.”Keith Wiant, passenger
“Excellent show about great composers and their piano music. Very entertaining!”James Harmon, passenger
“After hearing him play the first time – attended all other performances. World class.”Christie Richards, passenger
“Piano entertainer Alex Kowalski is a great pianist with great humor and energy. Thanks!”Natalia Kenigsberg, passenger
“Phenomenal pianist and entertainer+ all round nice guy. As a musician myself, I recognize his great musicality and technique. Totally enjoyed!!!”Lyn Zeller, passenger
“Very good show + very talented pianist=entertaining…”Ithel Lee, passenger
“Very skilled, entertaining and friendly. Overall incredible!”Veronica Exner, passenger